KDC & Associates, Ltd. is a senior management consulting firm concentrating on competitiveness and profitability issues facing smaller and mid-sized North American manufacturing, fabrication, services, and distribution companies. KDC’s unique expertise in Operational Excellence provides powerful assistance to companies in identifying and executing solutions to their most pressing challenges. The firm specializes in companies with annual sales of $5 to $200 million. KDC is especially experienced and effective in dealing with the broad challenges affecting privately held high mix, low volume custom fabricators and specialty manufacturers.

Dealing with rapid change and severe competition is difficult for even the largest of companies. Smaller and mid-sized companies can find themselves caught in changing conditions that seriously threaten profitability and even business viability. Operating successfully in these environments often requires resources beyond the scope of all but the largest companies. For the smaller and mid-sized company, KDC is the Right Resource.

KDC & Associates, Ltd. PartnersKDC works with owners and management in devising practical and high ROI solutions to competitiveness, performance, or crisis issues. The firm offers a wide range of tailored services, from training and coaching to interim management, that provide solutions to the key challenges of performance and renewal.

KDC’s principals are senior operating executives who have many years of successful experience leading smaller and mid-sized companies through highly challenging events and environments in some of the world’s most competitive and volatile markets. The KDC difference is practicality, effectiveness, and experience.

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Last Updated: 5/30/13

KDC News

Contacting KDC
To simplify contacting us, we have decided to eliminate the central number. Call Dick Kallage at 847-525-6109. E-mail is rkallage@kdcconsultants.com. Call Bill Barron at 847-867-3046. Email is bbarron@kdcconsultants.com. Or contact us through the link on this website.

Dick Kallage has been a featured columinist for The Fabricator since May 2012. His Improvements Insight Column has been highly praised for its insights, practicality, and broad range of timely topics. Dick writes about everything from valuation, to lean implementation, to value propositions and Voice of the Customer. You can receive your free subscription to The Fabricator – the widest read journal in the metal fabricating world – by signing up on line at www.thefabricator.com. If you would like a copy of columns written by Dick, contact KDC through the Contact Us link.

Fabtech 2012 and 2013
Dick Kallage presented 3 sessions at Fabtech 2012 in Las Vegas. All three were ranked in the top 10 for attendance for audience feedback and attendance. A multi-year favorite - Profit Destroyers: Finding Them and Fixing Them – was again ranked in the top 3 for favorable feedback and attendance. It will be presented again this year, along with as at least 2 other sessions at Fabtech 2013 in Chicago.

Company Valuation
Dick Kallage is leading a multi-specialty committee of owners, advisors, and academics under the auspices of the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, lnt'I (FMA). The Strategy and Valuation Committee was formed for the purpose of exploring real-life valuation parameters for custom fabricators and other job shops and strategies to improve them. The committee delivered its first report at the FMA's Leadership Summit in February, 2013. Further reports will be disseminated through webinars, white papers, and at Fabtech 2013. The committee findings are especially timely and topical in supporting an expected wave of ownership changes in the fabrication industry over the next 5-10 years.

Dick Kallage has been leading the FMA's highly popular LeanFab programs in 2011 through the present. Join us in Columbus in June 2013 for factory tours, practical insight and instruction on successful lean implementation for high mix operations featuring KDC's Practical Lean method, and interactive problem solving. For more information on LeanFab, go onllne at www.fmanet.org.

See KDC's Excel-based 13 Week Cash Flow app and FlowSim Lean Trainer at the FMA's Bookstore. www.fmastore.org.

Best Wishes
Pat Donahue retired from KDC after 10 years as a founding principal. We wish him all the best! Greg Scharnott has been named VP of Operations for a SW Wisconsin machining and fabrication company. Thanks, Greg, for all your help.

Richard Kallage
Principal, KDC Consulting

Bill Barron
Principal, KDC China